MCT 2013:Mathematichal Control in Trieste

List of talks

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Invited Speakers

Adimurthi:Exact and Optimal control ability in scalar conservation laws
F. Alabau:On some recent advances for under-controlled coupled PDE's and applications to insensitizing and simultaneous control
F. Alouges:Geometric control theory and Microswimmers
D. Barilari: Curvature for affine optimal control problems
K. Beauchard: Degenerate parabolic operators of Kolmogorov type with a geometric control condition
A. Benabdallah: Boundary null controllability of parabolic systems
B. Bonnard:The geometry of the optimal control of a linear three-spin system with Ising coupling
P. Cannarsa:Control and inverse problems for degenerate parabolic equations in dimension two
M. Caponigro:Sparse Control of Alignement models
T. Chambrion:Control of infinite dimensional closed quantum systems 2003-2013: a survey
G. Charlot:Small time heat kernel asymptotics for (sub-)Riemannian manifolds at the cut locus
L. de Teresa:Null controllability of hinged Thermoelastic Plates
S. Ervedoza:Stability and convergence results for an inverse problem for the waves
M. Falcone:Recent Advances in the approximation of optimal control problems via dynamic programming
A. Fursikov: Normal parabolic equations: structure of dynamical flow and nonlocal feedback stabilization
O. Glass:A controllability result for the the non-isentropic 1-D Euler equation
T. Horsin:A Runge-Walsh like theorem for the stationary Stokes equations, application to the lagrangian controllability of quasi-static Stokes fluids
F. Jean:Inverse optimal control
G. Khimshiashvili:Geometry and control of polygonal linkages
A. Krener:Model Predictive Regulation
K. Kunisch:Multi-bang control of elliptic systems
S. Labbé: Ferromagnetism modeling: from micro-scale to meso-scale
J.-P. Laumond: Optimality in Robot Motion
C. Laurent:Control and stabilisation of the Benjamin-Ono equation
J. Le Rousseau:Desensitizing control of the wave equation and related questions
G. Leugering:Exact controllability of networks of nonlinear strings and beams
P. Mason: Properties of the extremal flow on Barabanov spheres
S. Micu:On the Approximation of the Controls for the Beam Equation
A. Porretta:Controllability of Fokker-Planck equations and the planning problem for Mean Field Games
L. Praly:Observer convergence from the Riemannian point of view
Y. Privat: Optimal shape and location of actuators or sensors in PDE models
J.-P. Raymond:Stabilization of some fluid-structure models
L. Rosier:Finite-time stabilization of hyperbolic systems on tree-shaped networks
P. Rouchon:Design and stability of quantum filters with measurement imperfections: discrete-time and continuous-time cases
A. Shirikyan:Control and mixing for nonlinear equations
M. Sigalotti:Stability of transport equations on networks with intermittent damping
M. Tucsnak: Some recent advances on time optimal control problems for infinite dimensional systems

Contributed speakers

M. Bongini: Sparse Stabilization of dynamical systems driven by attraction and avoidance forces
A. Charalampidis: State Estimation Techniques for Nonlinear Stochastic Systems and Application to Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems
N. Cindea: Numerical controllability of the wave equation using finite elements for a space-time discretization
L. Consolini: Spatio-temporal symmetries in control systems: an application to formation control
L. Giraldi: Boundary Effect on Motility in Stokes Flow
N. Hudon: Decomposition, Potential-based Realization, and Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems
G. Mazanti: Stabilization of Persistently Excited Linear Systems by Delayed Feedback Laws
M. Morancey: Simultaneous global exact controllability of an arbitrary number of 1d bilinear Schrödinger equations
N. Pogodaev: Control problems in models of the interaction between a population and individuals
D. Prandi: Complexity for affine control systems
F. Priuli: Making irrational pedestrian behave as rational: A challenge in control of PDEs
L. Rizzi: On conjugate times of LQ optimal control problems